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Cod. 19539

Sea Force Hair Loss lotion vials



Intensive hair loss prevention lotion based on Oceanic Marine Water and Symhair® Force 1631 Extract from Microalgae. Hair is protected from every source of stress, including the environment.
The Amino-Ceramides in the formula restructure and reinforce the hair fibre.

To use

after using Sea Force Shampoo, spread the contents of a vial onto the scalp, diving the hair into locks. Massage gently with a relaxing circular motion. Do not rinse.
INTENSIVE TREATMENT: 3–4 vials per week for the first month.

MAINTENANCE TREATMENT: 2 vials per week for the next two months. Repeat the treatment at least 2 times a year during changes of season.

Keep in a cool dry place, away from light.


Oceanic Marine Water, Symhair® Force 1631 Extract from Microalgae